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Use the most
powerful E-Ink


Organize your notes
like never before

with the MobiScribe E-ink notebook

Organize your notes,
organize your life.

That’s Mobiscribe.

MobiScribe Origin: Four Everyday Tasks in One Handy Device

Notebook | eReader | Folder Management | Calendar

MobiScribe Origin OCR Feature

Convert Handwriting to Text

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Search handwritten notes

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Optimize &

Organize Notes


Real-Time Collaborative Shared White Board

Share and collaborate with up to eight screens from across the room or across the globe. Now you can find out which ideas really are brilliant, and buff them to a glossy shine with the help of friends, before debuting them to the world.

Sync in MobiCloud,
Send in Email

Combining the ancient art of handwriting and the modern convenience you can now store your handwritten notes in the MobiCloud, dropbox, or send via email!

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1 Pen, 270 Strokes

Our pen has 4096 levels of pressure-sensitivity and is battery-free, allowing you to write freely. Choose how your writing looks in the user-friendly settings. Change the style from standard pen to calligraphy pen or brush. Each has a different look.

Maximum Portability

With MobiScribe Origin, you can have a hundred notebooks on hand all the time. Small and portable, plus has enough storage to keep all of your thoughts, drawings, and even e-books handy even when you’re on the go.

Dozens of pre-designed document templates

The MobiScribe is pre-installed with various styles of document templates. You can also create your own, the possibilities are endless.

Read or write anything, anytime, anywhere

Low-light conditions no longer have to be an obstacle. The MobiScribe is equipped with a built-in front light that can be toggled between warm and cold levels for optimum comfort on your eyes and readability.

What People are saying

I love the device, it's great for teachers. students, professionals anyone who takes notes!


Goodbye, disorganized pile of paper in my briefcase

- Dee

Definitely the best writing experience I have tried, including the Remarkable. But the winning ticket is the fact that my handwriting converts to text with seldom an error...

-David R.

An absolutely fantastic writing experience!

-Vojislav Dimitrijevic
My Deep Guide

I believe in this product, and I've already loaded about 8Gb of PDFs for music history and teaching on it! This thing is a godsend; the pen feels better than an Apple Pencil, far easier to write with, and it actually HAS an eraser feature. 

-Bradley A
Tree planting project
Reforestation + MobiScribe
We have partnered with One Tree Planted; an environmental non-profit organization focused on global reforestation.

With each MobiScribe purchase, we donate a tree to be planted with One Tree Planted.
Visit One tree planted