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MobiScribe Wave - B&W | 7.8" 64GB Waterproof E-Reader + Cover

MobiScribe Wave - B&W | 7.8" 64GB Waterproof E-Reader + Cover

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The new MobiScribe WAVE is a 7.8 inch e-ink Reader that's waterproof and comes with internal speakers, Bluetooth capabilities, and notetaking features such as custom notebook covers, layers, and optical character recognition.

The MobiScribe WAVE digital Notebook is the perfect companion for anyone who finds inspiration on the go!

What's in the box: 1 MobiScribe WAVE E-Reader - Black & White, 1 Stylus, 1 WAVE Cover, 3 Replacement Tips, 1 Tip Remover.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Helmut Berger
Good device, but not perfect

Hello MobiScribe team and thank you for sending me this mail.
I love the MobiScribe B+W device for reading e-books and making notes. But the switching from notes to books and back is very inconvenient. (or I didn't figure it out how it works better). The look and feel of writing is very good, and it makes me feel like writing on a real paper. The pencil feels like a real pencil.
The charge of the battery is melting away like ice cream in the sun. I hope this will be better with updates in the future. Still, I don't regret that I bought this device. The protective cover is very good for my needs.

That's my impressions about this device. It is good, but I think there is a little bit of work to do, to make it better.

I apologize for my horrible English.

Best regards

Helmut Berger

Brian Clark
Mobiscribe Wave B&W

I discovered this device when searching for EInk Witting Tools. My plans for the Wave is to use it for both daily meeting notes and to finish writing a book. I am still leaning all of the capabilities, but have been having a lot of fun discovering new features! I have even suggested some additions to this handy writing tool. Keep up the good work Mobiscribe!

The Wave fits my use case 100%

Love writing on this thing! Stacks of paper - gone. Everything I need to review and write about is all in one place. I love how it has access to the Google Play Store too. Battery life is so and so, and I wish there’s an option to split the screen. It could be better, but for the price point, I ain’t complaining.

All in all, this is the best bang for the buck eink reader/tablet out there. I’m surprised this isn’t as popular as Supernote or Boox given that the Wave is much more affordable and waterproof.

Simon Gordan

MobiScribe Wave - Black & White

Color Wave Review - OK hardware, BAD software

The hardware is decently made, it is a step down from the origin. The original hardware designer having got in a car accident in northern Norway is really unfortunate. The wave color hardware is decent. The non chamfered edges along the screen is incredibly bad however. The usb c port is also flimsy, the screen is too dark but that is expected with kaleido plus. The marketing materials are very deceptive about the screen. Be aware.
Those are the good, now for the bad.
The software is very very VERY buggy. It crashes constantly, and there is severe lag throughout the OS and the default applications (this is separate from the general unresponsiveness of eink) The Bluetooth is near unusable, the Wi-Fi is very unstable, the touchscreen is unresponsive, the screen refresh is poor (with the limitations of color eink in mind) and the pen input is poor. DO NOT expect to use a bluetooth keyboard with this device. There is about 5-10 seconds from a keyboard input to the device registering it, and then several more seconds before the screen refreshes with the input.

There is a huge amount of software buggyness that is interfering with taps and refreshes. As well as general instability throughout the device.
The color wave with kaleido plus doesn't seem to be getting anymore software updates, and they will only be supporting the bw and kaleido 3 mobi wave. Which is very unfortunate. 
All in all the hardware is passable 2/5
But the software is horrid 0/5

Overall the device is good, i recommend it if you know what you’re getting into.

There is a forum out there that has rooted the device and has fixed the software bugs, you need to find it in chinese if you are interested. With modifications the device is extremely responsive and very fast. The bugs with the audio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, touchscreen, OS stability, pen input, keyboard responsiveness have all been fixed already by the community.