The Origin E-ink Notebook

The Origin E-ink Notebook

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The MobiScribe Set Includes: 1 Origin, 1 Stylus, Set of 3 replacement Tips & Tweezers.

Replaceable tips can be removed with supplied tweezers
CPU: Quad-Core 1.8GHz
System RAM: 2GB
Internal Storage: 32GB
Dimension: 5.19 x 6.8in x 0.38in
Interface: USB-C
System: Android 8.1
Display: E INK Carta | 1440x1080 pixels | 265dpi
Handwriting: WACOM EMR 4096 levels
Battery: 2050mAH

Customer Reviews

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Will Holden
Great Writing Tool

The Mobiscribe Origin does everything I need it to. Writing notes is easy and the screen is incredibly responsive. It's ability to convert handwritten text to typefont is impressive, especially when considering my poor handwriting.
If I had one complaint, it would be that the tablet is a bit slow. Sometimes it takes a few moments for it to register inputs, though actually writing on the page is a seamless experience, which is the most important part.
The tablet is also incredibly small and lightweight, making it easy to bring along wherever you may need it.

Firas Essam Al Hatem

The Origin E-ink Notebook

Sam Weller

I watched a review on youtube by My Deep Guide - here is a link:

The sensitivity is sensational for artists and the backlight is a must if you like to draw in bed before sleep. I find I use it almost every day.
I wish it had a two finger touch "undo" and full screen options ( floating pallet while in such a mode ) but they do make updates and I have submitted these feature requests. If you draw in the dark and don't want to put out too much light for your partner you can make a black background lay beneath each note and then draw with a white pen.


Richard Hill
Nice device but clearly pre-used

My device arrived dirty with a pre existing WIFI account. I feel a bit let down. Its a good piece of kit but 230€ is expensive for a refurb.

Kellie Tierney
Definite functional flaws but has become a must have for work

It lags and glitches pretty constantly and the battery isn’t great but I love it nonetheless. I manage operations for a busy company and it has already dramatically changed my organization/productivity


Your Permanent, Unlimited Notebook

Take, Search, and Organize Notes

Multiple Light Modes Make it Easy on the Eyes

Real-time Collaboration with MobiShare

Store Notes in MobiCloud

Send Notes & PDFs via Email

The MobiScribe Story

We want to help people be more creative.

The MobiScribe Origin is designed for those who need a streamlined method to write, draw, store, and organize their ideas and thoughts. Better promoting enhanced creativity and increased productivity while simultaneously helping the environment by going paperless.

Our concept behind MobiScribe Origin is a return to the origin of handwriting thoughts and ideas, which is unfortunately lost in today's society.

Product Comparison

Features MobiScribe Rocketbook Boox Nova Bamboo Slate ReMarkable Sony RDT
E-Ink Technology
Long Battery Life
Adjustable Front Light
WACOM Stylus
Android-based OS
Expandable Storage