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handwriting to text

Our MobiScribe Story

Our MobiScribe Story We want to help people be more creative. The MobiScribe Origin is designed for those who need a streamlined method to write, draw, store, and organize their ideas and thoughts better...promoting enhanced creativity and increased productivity, while simultaneously helping the environment by going paperless.

Our concept behind MobiScribe Origin is a return to the 'Original' ideas that set us apart from many of our competitors. Unlike standard tablets on the market today, the MobiScribe Origin is primarily focused on improving the functionality of writing, drawing, and sharing ideas. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on offering an innovative e-paper focused tablet solution at an affordable price when compared to many other tablets on the market today.

The Origin Exclusive Set:

ORIGIN x1 | Stylus x1 | Cover x1 | | Stylus Tips x3

handwriting to text

Handwriting To Text

Our handwriting to text app allows for powerful note-taking and file searching

shared whiteboard

Real-Time Collaborative Shared Whiteboard

Ideal for classrooms, business meetings, and family/friends group discussions


Anti-glare Capabilities

Allows for note taking under direct sunlight

send in cloud

Sync in Cloud, Send in Email

Digital handwritten notes can be sent effortlessly

handwriting to text

Multiple Light Modes

Adjust screen brightness from warm to cool for easy viewing

on-the go

Maximum Portability

Our creative thinking, notes and books are on-the-go with us