E-Ink Features

Electronic ink (E Ink) has the advantage of ultra-low power consumption. Power is only consumed when the displayed image changes, and not when the displayed image is static. Because of this, response times can be slow and it is not suited for playing dynamic pictures such as animation and movies. (2020 May, Wikipedia)

Better For Your Eyesight

When you view a light-emitting screen for a long time, your eyes become tired. MobiScribe is powered by E-Ink technology. Unlike LCD displays, which emit light through liquid crystals,
E-Ink displays reflect light the same way normal paper does. E-Ink technology allows you to experience less eye-strain and better visibility when readying for long periods of time.

MobiScribe: Four Everyday Tasks in One Handy Device

1. Notepad:

Mimics the experience of real paper, including surface friction when writing. Reduce waste & save trees.

2. eReader:

Put an entire library in your hand. The document viewer supports: .mobi, .epub, and .pdf file formats.

3. Folder Management

Never lose another note.
Save notes and keep them organized with the folder management system.

4. Calendar:

Never miss or be late to another meeting. Annotate, schedule events, and set reminders.