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No charging needed; Varying levels of pressure detection.

  • Pressure-sensitive to 4096 degrees of sensitivity stylus
  • Battery free stylus with hand care grip
  • The 1.00mm fine tip design is really sensitive to pressure and tilt
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Precise tip
  • Eraser, just like a pencil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John Pfeiffer
Pen is too powerful

I am not sure if the pen was not supposed to come with additional nibs or not, but the pen starts drawing before it even touches the screen. I am unable to use my mobiscribe tablet with it. I was advised to change the nib… it didn’t come with any more.

Little skinny.

Had to put a grip on it from an old gel pen so it would feel ok.

Bonne qualité robuste efficace

L'écriture est différente des remarkable mais l'insertion de la mine (technologie) est plus sûre a l'abri de la casse ! J'aurai apprécié un corps de stylo un peu plus épais pour le confort d'écriture.
J'ai ajouté un post-it fluo entre protection en silicone ajouté et stylo pour le trouver rapidement (risque perte il est fin, non amanté).
Satisfaite de mon achat


It works well. little light for my liking, but does what it advertised well.
Though I am so worried about losing it.
1)make different coloured ones so it's easier to find
2)make a cheaper version that doesn't have pressure sensitivity and can be a cheap replacement
I know i'm going to lose the pen in next year or so and I'm afraid of spending 50 dollars on this pen.
And pen being 50 dollar might be the thing that will make me switch devices when I lose it.
So please, make a cheaper version of this.

Jade Kang
No more multiple notebooks to keep

I wanted to get a mobiScribe product first before I decided to spend more than $700 on a remarkable2 to see whether I like a digital notepad. Stylus definitely allows me to be more organized as I don't need multiple notebooks such as a note for work, daily bible read, learning stuff, etc. It's also very easy to use and I haven't noticed any defects that other people mentioned in their reviews. It has all necessary functionalities and features that one would need for sure to take a good note - different thickness for pen/pencil, different darkness for pen/pencil, eraser, marking tool, and some templates. One thing I'd like to see is while my Stylus can be in a different language, it doesn't let me use a keyboard for that language other than Chinese or English.

I definitely feel that the price is adequate for the product!


Your Permanent, Unlimited Notebook

Take, Search, and Organize Notes

Multiple Light Modes Make it Easy on the Eyes

Real-time Collaboration with MobiShare

Store Notes in MobiCloud

Send Notes & PDFs via Email

The MobiScribe Story

We want to help people be more creative.

The MobiScribe Origin is designed for those who need a streamlined method to write, draw, store, and organize their ideas and thoughts. Better promoting enhanced creativity and increased productivity while simultaneously helping the environment by going paperless.

Our concept behind MobiScribe Origin is a return to the origin of handwriting thoughts and ideas, which is unfortunately lost in today's society.

Product Comparison

Features MobiScribe Rocketbook Boox Nova Bamboo Slate ReMarkable Sony RDT
E-Ink Technology
Long Battery Life
Adjustable Front Light
WACOM Stylus
Android-based OS
Expandable Storage

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