The Original MobiScribe
The Original MobiScribe
The Original MobiScribe
The Original MobiScribe

The Original MobiScribe

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The Original MobiScribe is Discontinued, and will no longer be available. Please see newest Model -  The Origin 

The Perfect e-Note Companion

  • 6.8” Touch Screen
  • Embedded Front Light
  • Ample 1GB Memory
  • Expandable Storage
  • 8oz/ 132 x 175 x 9.8mm

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Your Permanent, Unlimited Notebook

Take, Search, and Organize Notes

Multiple Light Modes Make it Easy on the Eyes

Real-time Collaboration with MobiShare

Store Notes in MobiCloud

Send Notes & PDFs via Email

The MobiScribe Story

We want to help people be more creative.

The MobiScribe Origin is designed for those who need a streamlined method to write, draw, store, and organize their ideas and thoughts. Better promoting enhanced creativity and increased productivity while simultaneously helping the environment by going paperless.

Our concept behind MobiScribe Origin is a return to the origin of handwriting thoughts and ideas, which is unfortunately lost in today's society.

Product Comparison

Features MobiScribe Rocketbook Boox Nova Bamboo Slate ReMarkable Sony RDT
E-Ink Technology
Long Battery Life
Adjustable Front Light
WACOM Stylus
Android-based OS
Expandable Storage

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