Dads Love Gadgets!

This year, make sure the dads in your life have the latest in note-taking technology.



Advantages of

The MobiScribe E-ink Tablet

Combining Fun & Function

Search Handwritten Notes
Our OCR function allows you to search your handwritten notes right in MobiScribe and put your scraps of paper days behind you.

Handwriting to Text
MobiScribe will transcribe your handwritten notes to text so you can share your ideas with confidence.

Sync in Cloud, Send in Email
The new MobiScribe Origin knows that the cloud is where the cool information likes to hang out. You can now sync your handwritten notes in the cloud and send them in email effortlessly. MobiScribe is a whole new world of notetaking.

4-in-1 Digital Notebook

Paperless Notes
Mimics the experience of real paper, including surface friction when writing. Reduce waste & save trees.

Put an entire library in your hand. The document viewer supports: .mobi, .epub, and .pdf file formats.

Note/Folder Management
Never lose another note. Save notes and keep them organized with the folder management system.

Never miss or be late to another meeting. Annotate, schedule events, and set reminders.
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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

The Origin E-ink Notebook
The Origin E-ink Notebook

The Origin E-ink Notebook

The MobiScribe Origin provides a natural writing and drawing experience with the ability to search notes, sync with the cloud or other devices, and convert notes to text. Multiple light modes and anti-glare capabilities make The Origin ideal for writing, drawing, and reading in any environment. Small and lightweight with plentiful battery life, MobiScribe has designed an e-ink tablet that supports paperless creativity on the go

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